Miss Ellaneous: Gentleman Juggler

Adventure Hour!

Professor G0rski and Miss Ellaneous inAdventure Hour!

A 29 and a half minute, time bending, old-fashioned adventure with intrepid explorers Professor G0rski and Miss Ellaneous.

Featuring acts of dexterity (juggling), spinning plates, hula hoops, clowning and a giant inflatable globe. Fast paced, fun-filled skillful circus show for 5 to 13 year olds! (Or any one who feels like a good giggle.)

Follow these two explorers as they discover juggling skills in different parts of the world.


This show will be premiering at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2011.

Technical Specifications

  • 30 minute show including audience participation.
  • 2 performers.
  • All juggling skills so is easy to transport.
  • Minimum stage specs: 2 metres deep x 4 metres long x 3 metres high.
  • Require 2 lapel or headset mics.
  • PA required and ipod jack. We can operate sound ourselves via remote.
  • Can be done outside without lights or with stage lights.


This show was originally created as a skill-specific show for Scienceworks Victoria.


“The free NICA show at Scienceworks is the best I've seen. Beats grown men dancing in TMNT costumes any day.” Rebecca, mother of Ben, age 6

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To book Miss Ellaneous for your event contact Karen Edelenbos.
Phone +61 450 561 349   Email info@missellaneous.com.au  facebook   Melbourne, Australia